Inspired by a Brazilian soap opera that was shown on Cuban television "Vale todo" cubans discovered how to make a living with something that was already a tradition "good cooking". We also got involved in that enthusiasm that coincided with the approval of the first private businesses by the government. Even though we had no experience on how to manage a business for our family cooking was so important we did not hesitate in facing the challenge. This is how it happened for all of us who started this endeavor.

We had a large patio and lots of enthusiasm, the rest came later. Today we are recognized by the best guides and have received the best reviews from the press. President Jimmy Carter had dinner in our place during his visit to Cuba in May 2002 as well as a number of prestigious international figures.

We rely on modern concepts of international and traditional Cuban cuisine, a beautiful patio, efficient service and cuisine that matches the best.

Fried chickpeas
Chickpeas (200g)
Bacon (50g)
Chorizo (50g)
Olive oil (½ cup)
Onion (½ cup)
Crushed garlic (1 tablespoon)
Peppers (1 each color)
• Put the chickpeas in salt water the day before to soften.
• Rinse and cook over medium heat in pressure cooker for 20 minutes.
• Drain and reserve the beans.
• Prepare a sauce with the remaining ingredients. Add chickpeas and sauté briefly.
• Add salt and paprika. Finally add chard.
Enjoy it!!

I always thought that the bread is something personal, primitive and even mythical, therefore must be present to start with dignity. We make our own bread daily in a traditional way as used to be done.

We are pleased to offer freshly baked bread and created by us, no additives, no preservatives ortransfers, in our own kitchen.

The need to consume cold drinks and food is ancient. The invention of the ice cream is attributed to the Chinese but Greeks, Romans and Arabs, kept the tradition.

Today we offer flavourful and original icecream that we designed using unusual ingredients such as Basil, Ginger, Cumin, Cinnamon, Corn, Cheese...