One of Havana´s few family-owned restaurants, La Cocina de Lilliam, is a culinary gem and a true reflection of his owner Lilliam Dominguez Palenzuela´s lifelong passions. Exquisitely composed and pleasantly presented, each recipe has been honed, tested and retested until perfection. She began cooking as a teenager, learning from her mother and a neighbor who shared her kitchen and culinary knowledge.
Fifteen years ago, the Cuban government allowed, for the first time, the opening of small private businesses and Lilliam took the opportunity to leave her then-career as fashion designer and open her own restaurant, bringing with her an eye for detail and visual appeal. Today she happily cooks alongside her daughter Cleo and brother Carlos, while her sons and her husband helps keep the restaurant running smoothly.
Every visit is a new experience, as Lilliam continuously changes the menu, furnishings, plants and atmosphere to meet her evolving vision of perfection.

Brandi Wills. FEAST magazine, sept 2010